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General Program Information

What is HIPP?
The Arkansas HIPP program is designed to save money for families with high healthcare costs by reimbursing members for the cost of group health insurance provided by an employer or through COBRA. In some cases, members can receive reimbursement for the premium cost of a family health insurance policy. The program also eliminates some out-of-pocket medical expenses for qualifying Medicaid clients.

Can I receive benefits from Arkansas HIPP and Medicaid at the same time?
Yes. To qualify for the HIPP program, an applicant must be eligible for Medicaid within the state of Arkansas. You will have access to benefits from both programs for as long as you qualify for each program (separately).

Will Arkansas HIPP pay for my entire family’s health insurance coverage?
In some cases, an applicant will qualify to be reimbursed for family health insurance coverage. This depends on the health insurance policies your employer provides as well as the family plan’s cost-effectiveness.

Why is the State offering additional assistance to Medicaid clients?
While HIPP offers reimbursements to members for group health insurance, it also helps save taxpayer dollars.

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