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Renew Application

What is an AR HIPP renewal?
The Arkansas HIPP Program renewal process is REQUIRED annually based on your plan year. During this time AR HIPP will determine your continuous eligibility for the HIPP program by reevaluating your case. To do that we must have the most recent information about you and confirm that you continue to remain eligible for the AR HIPP program. You can expect to receive a renewal packet 30 days prior to your policy end date.

What documents are required to renew an existing case with AR HIPP?
The following documents are REQUIRED to renew:

  • Completed renewal application forms 1 and 2.
  • Front and back copy of policy holder’s insurance card
  • Employer Rate Sheet
  • Summary of Benefits
  • A recent paystub or other verification to show your premium payment

How to submit documents for AR HIPP application renewal
We have 3 options to get your completed renewal documents over.

How long does the renewal process take?
Once all REQUIRED documents are received, it can take up to 30 calendar days to process your renewal and approve. The time it takes to complete the process does not start until all REQUIRED documents are received. Please refer above for REQUIRED documents to process a renewal.

How do to know if approved?
You can expect to receive an acceptance letter in the mail with an approved amount as well as start date within 7-10 business days of approval. Renewal process can take up to 30 calendar days for completion.

When will the first payment get mailed after approval of the AR HIPP renewal?
Please refer to AR Payments

Should you have any additional question or need assistance in completing your renewal application, contact us at:

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