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General Qualifications

Do I have to be a Medicaid client to qualify for Arkansas HIPP?
Yes.  All Arkansas HIPP applicants must be active Medicaid clients.

Do I have to live in Arkansas to receive Arkansas HIPP benefits?

Do I need to be enrolled in a health insurance policy before applying to HIPP?
No. An applicant must have access to a health insurance policy, provided by an employer or COBRA. If preferred, you may enroll in a health insurance policy after it is determined whether you would qualify for the Arkansas HIPP program.

Can I be an Arkansas HIPP member if I am unemployed or have recently lost my job?
If you have recently lost your job and have access to COBRA you may qualify for the HIPP program. In some cases, former employers will offer COBRA benefits for 18 – 36 months after leaving a job. COBRA provides a continuation of employer-sponsored insurance that would otherwise end once the employee is terminated from his/her job.

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